We’re an Edinburgh-based charity that offers people living with a neurological condition a different approach to managing it.

How Is Compass Different?



Oxygen Therapy


Complementary Therapies

Wellbeing Support & Advice

We’re the only service for people living with neurological conditions in the area, to offer such an extensive range of beneficial therapies, facilities, and technology, under one roof. 

Our experts can help you take a different, more holistic approach to your journey with your condition. With more treatment options to choose from and the power of our innovative technology, they’ll use their expertise to tailor-make a programme that targets your specific issues or symptoms, improving your wellbeing and quality of life. 

“Life with my condition felt a bit hopeless, then I found Compass. Coming here, I’ve found people who can really help me. I feel so much more positive about the future.”

Helen, lives with MS

Our Mission

To build an inclusive and caring community where people living with neurological conditions can access beneficial therapies and services that are tailored to support their wellbeing and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

That through access to effective therapies and support, people living with neurological conditions can be empowered to lead their lives as they want to, achieving their dreams and ambitions, undeterred by their condition.

Did You Know?

There are now over 600 known neurological conditions.

(The Neurological Alliance)

We support all of them.

In fact, we’ve been supporting people living with neurological conditions for the last 40 years. The charity started out in 1984 as a specialist MS Therapy Centre before expanding to meet the increasing demand for services from people living with other neurological conditions.

From our Centre in Edinburgh, we provide vital services to people in Edinburgh & the Lothians as well as from further afield in Scotland and the north of England.

We’re all on the journey together

Our clients, staff, volunteers, and supporters make Compass a community where you’re always welcome, valued, and respected.

We gain support and encouragement from each other by sharing our friendship, experiences, expertise, and knowledge.

“I have found a very special group of friends at the Centre, not only with the staff but with other clients who attend.”

Dianne, lives with ME/CFS

Our Centre is a welcoming place with private treatment rooms and its own 8-person Oxygen Chamber. Take a video tour or better still, contact us and we’ll be happy to show you around in person.

A Big Thank You

We raise around £200,000 every year from donations and awards so that we can subsidise the services we provide to our clients and fund life-changing equipment.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports our work. Each donation and financial award helps people living with neurological conditions.

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