We rely on the generosity and commitment of our supporters to enable us to offer our life-changing services to as many people as possible.

Did You Know?

One fifth of people in Scotland will have a neurological condition in their lifetime and the numbers are increasing.

(The Neurological Alliance)

It could be someone you know. It could even be you. With your support, we can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of local people living with neurological conditions right now.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, your donations are vital to helping us continue to improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with neurological conditions and those who care about them.

How Individuals Can Support Us

There are several ways you can donate to our work.

Your donation will allow us to provide people living with neurological conditions with life-changing therapies, helping them manage challenging and often debilitating symptoms. And any financial gift you make, will also help make sure that our Centre can continue to improve the quality of life of those who are diagnosed in the future. Find how you can donate.

Make a donation

We raise around £200,000 each year from donations, financial awards and fundraising to enable us to provide our services to those who need them. Every penny counts and your donation, no matter the size, will make a huge difference.

You can donate to our work quickly and easily online by completing the form and ticking the Gift Aid box if you can.

Give in Memoriam

Give a gift to Compass in memory of a loved one. Helping others is a wonderfully positive way to celebrate a life.

You could set up a special fund in their memory using a platform such as Much loved or Just Giving. Or request that friends and family give a donation instead of flowers at a funeral or memorial service.

Please contact our team if you need guidance and support with “In Memoriam” giving.

Leave A Legacy

Help us safeguard the vital practical and therapeutic services people living with neurological conditions need by leaving a gift for Compass in your Will?

Charitable legacies are important to our future as well as being a lasting way of making a real difference.

To find out more about leaving a legacy, you can download our factsheet.

How Your Company Can Support Us

Our clients are often diagnosed with their condition during their working life. One of the many reasons people come to us for help in managing their symptoms, is so that they continue to make a positive contribution at work for as long as possible.   

Companies can play a huge part in making sure that the people in their community who live with a neurological condition can access our help and services.

Charity Partner

If your company is planning to partner with a local charity this year, we’d love to hear from you. It’s a great way to help us increase awareness about neurological conditions and how we can support people living with them, as well as raising vital funds to support our work.

We’d be delighted to work with you to understand your requirements and to develop a year-round partnership, a shorter programme or even to work together on a one-off fundraising event. Please contact us to discuss your plans.


You could consider a financial donation to help support our life-changing work. Your company’s donation could help fund our group exercise programme, new masks for our Oxygen Therapy service or a promotional campaign to help us reach more people who need us. We’re always happy to discuss any aspects of our work that you’d particularly like to support, so please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Gifts in Kind

There are also lots of other ways your company can support our charity. For instance, we’d value any gifts or vouchers that we can use as prizes in our fundraising activities. Or perhaps you could gift us time and skills through an employee volunteer arrangement. Whatever way you feel you can help us, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch.

What’s In It For Your Company?

Supporting Compass helps people living with neurological conditions and your company too.

Improved awareness and employee wellbeing

We can provide you with resources to increase awareness among your staff about neurological conditions, their impact in the workplace, and how we can support them if they, or a family member have been diagnosed.

Exciting staff development opportunities

Volunteering with us gives your staff opportunities to develop their skills outside of their usual environment. This can help build effective communication and problem-solving skills and improve motivation by providing them with new challenges.

Recognition of your Commitment to CRS

By supporting Compass, you can demonstrate that your company is having a positive impact on the lives of local people, and their families, who are living with the damaging effects of a neurological condition.  We will actively highlight your support on our website, social media channels and reporting.