As well as hands-on physical therapy, we use some of the very latest innovations in rehabilitation technology to help optimise your overall wellbeing and your physical condition.

Alter G Treadmill

Using anti-gravity technology developed by NASA, this treadmill supports up to 90% of your bodyweight while you exercise. This lets you work on your mobility safely and it significantly reduces the strain on your body and muscles, so you can work for longer and recover more quickly. 

GMove Suit

The GMove Suit is programmed to compress and release the muscles in the legs. This action can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve circulation, muscle strength and your awareness of your body’s position and movements. It is also helpful in managing pain. Jeanette explains how it has helped her.

Mollii Suit

The Mollii Suit delivers electrical stimulation to wake up weakened muscles around the body. It’s very helpful if your goal is to improve posture, balance or limb control and it can also help reduce muscle tightness, fatigue, and pain.

“I’d given up hope of being able to go on a treadmill again. But the Alter-G has changed that. It feels like it’s holding me up and I can do a decent stint on it without feeling exhausted. I try to push myself to go a little bit further each time.”

Corrie, lives with MS

Paying for Your Treatment

You make a set contribution towards the treatments you receive at the Centre and the charity covers the rest of the cost through a generous subsidy from our Therapy Support Fund. You’ll find full details, including the savings you can make on your treatments by coming to Compass, here.

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