Oxygen Therapy is a safe and effective way of improving various neurological symptoms, particularly fatigue, ‘brain fog’, sleep issues, muscle weakness and pain. We’ve been delivering it at the Centre since 1984.

How Oxygen Helps

Your body uses oxygen to help fuel the various processes that keep it functioning at its best including cell repair, regeneration, cognitive function, and blood flow.

You usually get enough oxygen to support these functions from the air you breathe. But living with a neurological condition, puts a greater strain on your body and these vital processes work overtime to cope. Oxygen Therapy provides your body with more fuel to help support this extra workload and most clients see an improvement in their symptoms.

“I started off just doing physio then added in regular Oxygen Therapy. It was combining the two that really started to make a big difference to my results”.

Ruth, lives with MS

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How Could It Help You?

Oxygen Therapy can have a range of very positive benefits. Tap on each of the tiles in the diagram below for further details.

Brain and Cognitive Function:

Saturating the blood and tissues with oxygen can help reduce inflammation and promote the growth of new brain cells, leading to improvements in cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.

Fatigue and Energy Levels:

Increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to tissues in the body can help to improve energy levels and alleviate the symptoms of fatigue.

Immune System:

Increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and tissues increases the production of white blood cells. This can improve the function of the immune system and help reduce inflammation which can be beneficial for a variety of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

Inflammation, Pain & Healing:

Oxygen is essential in the body for healing tissue. Increasing oxygen can reduce swelling in wounds and injuries, revitalise healthy tissue in deep wounds and can help to reduce pain.

Detoxification and Blood Flow:

Saturating the blood with oxygen helps improve its circulation around the body. This is helpful in removing toxins from the body, reducing blockages like blood clots and the risk of major health complications.

What Our Clients Say

Our client, Stephen, uses Oxygen Therapy regularly to overcome the effects of strokes experienced during surgery to remove a brain tumour. He shares his experience of it here.

Got Questions?

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Paying for Your Treatment

You make a set contribution towards the treatments you receive at the Centre and the charity covers the rest of the cost through a generous subsidy from our Therapy Support Fund. You’ll find full details, including the savings you can make on your treatments by coming to Compass, here.

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