Our Mission

Is to build an inclusive community and offer specialist services, led by oxygen therapy and physiotherapy, to empower you to manage your neurological condition and support you whenever you need it.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone with a neurological condition in The Lothians has the support to live their best life.

Our History

The charity was established by and for those with Multiple Sclerosis to access specialist physiotherapy and oxygen therapy to help them live their best lives. A vital community of support was created that has become much more than offering therapies. This same spirit thrives today.

Our Centre is part of a network offering oxygen therapy, pioneered in Scotland, drawing on the ground-breaking research of Professor Philip James. The network grew in the 1980s from the first Centre in Dundee in 1982 to over 60 centres throughout the UK.

These centres were initially called ARMS (Action and Research for Multiple Sclerosis), later changing their name to MS Therapy Centres.

Initially, many people from Edinburgh came to Dundee for treatment, so our own independent Centre was opened in Edinburgh in 1984. Treatments in Edinburgh doubled in the first year alone.

Some of the MS Therapy Centres, including Compass, have expanded to offer other therapeutic services and welcome those with other neurological conditions.

Our Values


We communicate with clarity and honesty, building a community of trust.

We support and empathise with each other – and we encourage others to do the same.


We listen, honouring each other’s views, experiences, and expertise.

We value diversity and treat everyone with fairness and respect.


We help people identify, explore, and develop strategies and resources.

We support people's individual choices to take the direction they want.


We aim for best practice: to provide the highest quality services and advice.

We are always building on our unique knowledge and skills.


We ensure everyone can be an active part of our collaborative community if they choose.

We build connections, goodwill and share best practice internally and externally.

Our Therapy Support Fund

It is our undertaking to never turn anyone away who needs its help. The Therapy Support Fund (TSF) was created in May 2017 in recognition of clear links between long-term health conditions, lifestyle factors and the wider determinants of health. These can severely restrict a person’s ability to access and afford vital support, therapies, and services.

Our minimum contribution system (charges) operates for those who can contribute towards the cost of their therapies and/or treatments. The TSF enables the Charity to maintain a subsidy of the actual costs of delivering all our services and support therapies, reducing the financial burden for people living with long term health conditions.

The TSF also allows the Charity to address health inequalities by removing the financial barrier, our minimum contribution, for those who are not able to pay providing them with full and continuing access to all our therapies and services. Funds raised through community fundraising activities, donations and small grants from award giving bodies support our Therapy Support Fund.