Long Covid and Oxygen Therapy

More than 57% of long covid syndrome patients continue to suffer from symptoms more than 12 months after infection. These main symptoms include frailty, physical limitations, fatigue, and cognitive deficits. The current long-term evaluation confirms that the new protocols of HBOT has an effective lasting effect on long covid patients more than 1 year after their treatment.

Long term outcomes of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in post covid condition: longitudinal follow-up of a randomized controlled trial

When Catherine came to Compass, she had already lived with long-Covid for 2 years which. had forced her to drop out of university, give up her job and move back in with her parents.  She couldn’t walk more than 2 metres without experiencing severe chest pain.  I just felt so stuck, and I wasn’t getting any better, so I decided to give the oxygen therapy a go.”

Following 9 months of oxygen therapy, Catherine has managed to secure full-time work and recently undertook a skydive to raise money for Compass, something she would never have dreamed would be possible!  “The charity has been such a big help in my journey of recovery, not only for providing the treatment but for also providing a community space for long Covid sufferers to come together,  and feel a bit less alone in what they are going through,”