Sports Injury, Healing and Recovery


Oxygen Therapy for Sports Injury, Healing and Recovery

Oxygen Therapy helps heal challenging injuries: tendon and ligament injuries are extremely common in the world of sports. Many sports injuries are lower limb - the most common are in the ankle. They are time-consuming and challenging to heal, which often derails an athlete’s performance and plans.

Athletes need to be in great physical health to perform well. The risk of injury in any sport is high. More athletes are now becoming involved with their care, recovery, and well-being. One of the therapies they are choosing to use is Oxygen Therapy.

Oxygen Therapy helps with the reduction of swelling and facilitates soft tissue healing. From muscle contusions and ankle sprains to delayed onset muscle soreness, oxygen therapy has been used for recovery to facilitate soft tissue healing, quicken healing time in fractures, reduce swelling and it is also used in treatment of joint, ligament, and tendon injuries reducing recovery time


Why use Oxygen Therapy for their sports performance and recovery?

Many professional sports teams are now using Oxygen Therapy to enhance their performance – to reduce recovery time and reduce fatigue as part of their overall recovery program.

Oxygen Therapy helps to reduce inflammation. It helps break the cycle of inflammation, which keeps cells from becoming oxygen-starved from the swelling. This can benefit virtually any kind of tissue. Whether it is healthy tissue that just needs rejuvenation, or damaged tissue that needs multidisciplinary therapy, oxygen Therapy can benefit both.

During Oxygen Therapy 12-15 times more oxygen is carried throughout the body.  This can accelerate the healing process, increase the immune system, and oxygenate muscle for more efficient performance. The number of sports professionals using this treatment for recovery and endurance is increasing every year.


Benefits include:

  • Increased healing
  • Improved recovery from injury
  • Improved recovery from soreness and pain
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved sleep

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