Client Stories

"The staff are always there with a warm and friendly welcome"

My name is Kath and I have been attending the M S Therapy Centre for the last 10 years since being diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

It is somewhere you can go at anytime to get help and information if needed. There are plenty of different treatments available to all, and its worth trying a variety to find out which ones help you the most, as although the majority of clients have MS, everyone's body is different, and so they cope with it in their own way.

It may be best to try a number of treatments to get the best benefit for you personally. The staff are always there with a warm and friendly welcome, and there is always someone to chat with and if you wish, exchange your experiences and challenges of how you deal with it day to day.

I myself go to Susie Brattesani the aromatherapist to get a massage on my back and legs. I find this treatment very relaxing, and extremely rewarding for me as my muscles get tight from the lack of mobility, and the massage releases all the tightness and tension!

Kath Walker


"The staff at the centre are incredible, they are knowledgeable and are very supportive."

I was diagnosed with M.E. / CFS in 2012. The illness left me with extreme exhaustion, joint pain, muscle spasms and I would sleep for days on end without feeling refreshed.

I was prescribed various medications from my GP for the various ailments including Gapabentin for muscle spasms.


It also took its toll on my ability to work full time. I work within the construction industry and my position involves travelling to our various sites throughout Scotland. After the diagnosis, I had difficulty with the travelling and for 3 years I was absent from work for a period of 3 months each year.

After meeting with Fife ME Support Group, I was advised to try Oxygen Therapy, I did some research and contacted the Centre.

I have now been attending Oxygen Therapy for 4 years now and am amazed at the results. I still have absence days from work but only 3 days maximum at a time, not 3 months.

I have also stopped taking Gabapentin as the muscle spasms have vastly subsided.

Not only have I found treatment that helps me to cope with my illness on a day-to-day basis, but I have also found a very special group of friends within the centre, not only with the staff but with other clients who attend.

Dianne Wyse

"I feel that I have made real friends, They have changed my life for the better as I know the treatments are helping me."

My name is Jo and I’m 34. I suffer really badly with Crohn’s disease and Chronic pain.

In 2018 I had major surgery which involved lots of reconstructive surgical work. Due to my rare Crohn’s of the Skin, recovery was long and painful as it caused the wounds to break down, destroying the reconstructive work.

My consultant said that he had read about Oxygen Therapy and that it could help promote the healing process. I jumped at this opportunity and visited the Centre. 

The Centre had explained that I had a “protocol” to follow which meant that I had to do three or four sessions per week. Once the protocol was completed my consultant said that he wanted me to continue to do three sessions a week as he was seeing huge improvements.

One of the other clients informed me that he was getting a treatment called “Myofascial Release” (MFR) which had helped him and at this time I was using a wheelchair while visiting the centre but was able to walk short distances although bent over with pain.


I will always remember my first MFR, I felt relaxed and at peace while getting it done. After that first session I felt far less pain than I had in a long while and was able to walk out the room straighter than I had in months. The thing that sticks in my memory was the look of surprise on Ruth’s face when she saw how tall I was.

When I got back to the hospital I walked from my room to the end of the corridor. That was the furthest I had walked for months!

Since having the Oxygen and MFR treatment I have continued to improve and have been able to reduce the pain medication that I am on which is fantastic.

All the staff at the Centre are so friendly and supportive and I know that if I am down at all, they are there and will always come talk and try and cheer me up. I feel that I have made real friends there, staff and other patients, and really value the time that I visit for treatment.
I know that I can talk to the staff about anything and know that I am not judged, they are the most fantastic caring group of people and I feel honoured to have them as friends.

Attending the Centre has changed my life for the better as I know the treatments are helping me.

Joanne Palmer