Cancer Recovery from Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy


Oxygen Therapy for Cancer Recovery from Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Oxygen Therapy for cancer patients may be useful in enhancing other treatments and healing damage caused by radiation therapy. During Oxygen Therapy a client breathes pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, a process designed to promote healing.

Oxygen Therapy may be prescribed for several conditions but is primarily to promote general healing. Oxygen is normally transported through the bloodstream to all parts of the body. Oxygen promotes healing by stimulating the release of substances like growth factors and stem cells. The body also uses oxygen to fight infections and bacteria. More oxygen traveling through the body increases these processes, which promotes faster healing.

Infections and injuries require more oxygen to heal, making this type of therapy useful for speeding healing in specific situations Oxygen Therapy can also help support the immune system as it fights serious infections. Sometimes cancer patients are injured by treatment. Radiation therapy, for example, can cause severe injury. Oxygen therapy is known to help heal these injuries. Surgery can also cause wounds that may lead to infection or can be difficult to heal. Oxygen therapy can improve both issues.

Cancer patients considering Oxygen Therapy should discuss this with their doctor or Oncologist in advance. Oxygen Therapy may not be advisable for people with heart or blood pressure problems, hearing problems, or if someone has damaged lungs, as oxygen is administered under pressure. You should be completely honest when completing our registration about your exact health issue/s and your reasons for wishing Oxygen Therapy.

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